Photo courtesy of Omihachiman Tourism Association

As a constantly aging historical building, we face issues such as securing the financial resources to cover the costs of managements, maintenance and repairs. This problem has become increasingly significant with each passing year. Under these circumstances, local organizations such as the Omi Brotherhood Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Omi Hachiman City Tourism Association, Omi Hachiman City Hall, various community development organizations, tourism and volunteer groups, have all worked together to actively utilize the building and share it with wider audiences, as an accommodation and a tourist destination. This generates profit revenues to fund maintenance and management, so the building may be preserved for future generations.

We greatly appreaciate your interst and participation in our guided tours to help maintain this treasured heritage of the Vories architecture, and a National Tangible Cultural Property.

Stay via the Hometown Tax Donation Program

You can support our preservation activities by staying using Japan's Hometown Tax Donation Program (ふるさと納税), which allows you to donate your local taxes to your hometown or to other municipalities in need of support. Please see the following link for Omihachiman City tax donation program site for an accommodation coupon. (*accommodations at our facility will be added to the list in the mid-June, 2023)

Information about our maintenance and preservation activities as well as various events will also be posted on our social media. So, please follow us on Instagram or Facebook.